New CEO of the Dunker Foundations

Michael Thurow took up his position as the new CEO of the Dunker Foundations on 1 April. Michael also becomes CEO of the companies covered by the Dunker interests. Michael is a senior advisor at InterChina Consultants and has held senior positions within SEB, Marsh AB and Sanitec OY and has worked in a leading position for Swedish industry in a handful of countries outside Sweden.

About Henry Dunker

Through Helsingborgs Gummifabrik AB and Trelleborg Gummifabrik AB, Henry Dunker built up a rubber empire and was one of the richest people in Sweden. Almost all of his wealth was donated and bequeathed to foundations, the proceeds of which are shared between Helsingborg City and Dunker's relatives.

The foundations

The Dunker Foundations hold the majority of voting rights in Trelleborg AB and have the task of contributing to the long-term stable development of this company. Helsingborg City can utilise the proceeds from the foundations for a purpose of benefit to the city and contribute financially to the operation of the Dunker Hospital.

Board and management

The Dunker interests own all Class A shares in Trelleborg AB, corresponding to 54.1% of the votes and 10.7% of all shares in the company. The returns from these shares go to the Dunker interests. The manner in which the Dunker Foundations' Boards of Directors are to be appointed and how the administration is to be managed is laid down in Henry Dunker's will.